Friday, May 28, 2010


The Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. This is absolutely right as well. This is a fact that in Indian courts hundreds of court cases are pending for more than 25 years. Lack of staff and resources make courts a night mare for Judges and Petitioners. If legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. In Indian courts that is the fact and that is going on.
It is real thing a true fact, and sense of confidence in the courts is essential to maintain the fabric of ordered liberty for a free people and three things could destroy that confidence and do incalculable damage to society. No one can denay the fact that in Indian courts cases are going at very slow pace.
The department minister says , it will take 40 years to solve these pending works. Even if we have all resources including man to do so.
It is the right time to think about re arrange lives for them.
How to solve this problem? Even if the solution is simple the actually difficult to imply.
The actual solution is - Appoint more courts with more resources in every corner of the nation. This will be a great boost for pending cases which can be solved immediately.
Any way co operation between Government and Public Normal people is a must for this drive-

Monday, March 29, 2010


Reservations are intended to increase the social diversity in campuses and workplaces by lowering the entry criteria for certain identifiable groups that are grossly under-represented in proportion to their numbers in the general population
I am basically against the reservations and quota system. I think the veracity of such reservation is gone in Indian society. There is no upper or lover caste now but there is only one difference in society that is Money.-
People who have money is a separate strata and people who have less money is in another. This is some what polarized and social order also as and like or according to that now-
So I back up financial reservation, means reservation must be on basis of financial wealth of each person. Not on the basis of caste- The reservation cap is set by supreme court is maximum 50% and I think out of that minimum of 25% must be on the basis of this financial category.
The caste-based reservation fraction stands at 69% and is applicable to about 87% of the population in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is terrible. Government always states no caste or No religious bars and on other hand they support this castism.
I oppose the casts and religious barriers as well as Reservations based on that. I hope you too will support me. And hope you will writein comment box- some thing good -for this whole nation.
Let me invite every one to place comments below-
-Nisari with thanks in advance-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Killers And The Innocent Souls

They are killers.. real killers ...God will never give them what they wish but only what they deserve..What a pity , to kill fellow human with out mercy and enjoy the martyrdom with boasting they are dearer to God. They kill feloow men and woman, innocent lives created by God. No license for acting cruelty to others lives. How can one say they will go to heaven after doing heinous deed.homicide bombing, or "kamikaze") is an attack intended to kill others and inflict widespread damage, while the attacker expects or intends to die as well in the process. This article is concerned with all suicide attacks, not just modern ones, as well as the problem of definitions.I understood the physiological thinking of person who act this, but I can't understand the thinking they do.. Why do they kill poorest of poor people. Why do they kill innocent lives.They have no right to play on other's life- let them perish but they can't kill others No right for that- Better God send them to hell than what they think

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Monday, March 1, 2010



I am Nisari- I am working for a MNC- Nature of My Job is Auditing and financial based in confidential for my company-I Like music,dance,and TV shows, I am very emotional and sensitive person.
My life- I like to be with people who care me very much. I can not adjust with harsh behaviors.
I love my life- I want to live to its fullest- My religion is my music-that is not something separate and apart or away from my life. It is life - I do view my life from the standpoint of meaning and purpose so I would like my life lived in greatest awareness of its natural quality and excellent spiritual significance- I love that.
I do not count the years in my life , It's the life in my years.
May be racked with sorrow, may be still in saddest flow.. but to be alive is a grand thing- I think so.
I want to live with my true soul with all goodness -
I believe God's rezoning and hope for natural hand from HIM to make me right- when my soul err
My Love-
I love a man.. still loving.. and he who rules my heart is that man.. who rules my soul..
I never fear to love, I mean if you do so means you fear life, and if you fear life means you are already dead.
My mind is clear and that indicates my clarity of love and passion, too and my clear mind loves ardently and sees well or very more what it loves.
I love that man.. still... he loves me more than his own soul... and one day when we unite.. love flows through the imagination.. fetches real right to love for any human ..
My Music-
Great musicians paint their pictures on silence. Me too. My music is my soul's call. I believe great deep emotion is a song it is the very central essence of our soul.
I love music. I sing.. I like to hear singings. I love to live in music.. even though in real life I live in MATH.. figures and harsh world of real fast life.
I say without my fetched music my life would be a mistake- I never make that slipaway that easy. Music is food of my soul.

Let me say
The lives shall be filled with music,So do soulsWhen life gets over flow of musicSoul joys..
Come my friends.. join me in my world.... my own world.....